International Summer School of Mongolian Studies




The National University of Mongolia welcomes you to the International Summer School of Mongolian Studies – an exciting program with chances to explore magnificent natural, historical and cultural heritage of Mongolia, meet local people and students and learn about the last remaining nomadic civilization coexisting with contemporary urban life.


The International Summer School of Mongolian Studies is a unique opportunity for international undergraduates, graduates and continuing education students to actively participate in many different seminars, activities and trips. The participants gain an appreciation of the Mongolian history, culture and traditions, modern society, biodiversity and landscapes.


By visiting herdsmen families, you will have a chance to learn about everyday life of nomads. It is a journay to lives of ordinary Mongolians that will provide you with insight into traditional ways of using pastureland, water and forests and help you understand the values of natural resources for the rural people and their livelihoods. Relatively untouched large scale landscapes and rich biodiversity make the international students feel like tourists and scientists at the same time. The students seek answers how Mongolian economy can sustain without damage to the beauty of nature, nomadic culture and traditions and heritage. Furthermore, the students will learn about how Mongolia has embraced a market economy and built democratic society.


Eligibility: International undergraduates, graduates, continuing education students and adults.

Language of Instruction: English


Important Dates:

·    Deadline to submit application: May 22, 2009 , Friday

·      Payment of Tuition:  Before 25 June, Thursday

·        Admission Letter Sent to Students: June 1-5, Monday-Friday

·    Arrival: 25 -28 June, 2009

·        Registration: 25-28 June, 2009

·        Departure: 24-26 July, 2009 Friday-Sunday


Program Outline - download


Tentative Program Outline - download


Program Price

·        Application fee: US$20 – To pay after arrival

·       Tuition fee: US$700- To pay after arrival /by cash to the National University of Mongolia/

·      Total US$ 720


The price includes program fees, books and handouts, transportation, sightseeing, accommodation and countryside trips. It does not include international and domestic airfare, visa fee, medical insurance,  travel insurance, food and miscellaneous personal expenses.




The students stay in a shared room of the International Student Dormitory. If you request, we can arrange host family for the students. In will cost $250 in addition to the program price and includes occasional meals. During the trips to the countryside, the students sleep in a tent or Yurt (Ger), traditional dwellings of the nomads.


How to Apply


The interested students should send the completed application form (with a photo), passport copy, home address and address of your university to the Office for International Affairs. Please download the application form here


Application Form for Summer Program (PDF) - download

Pick Up Form (word) - download



Contact information

Office for International Affairs, National University of Mongolia,

Ikh surguuliin gudamj-1, POB 46A/523.Ulaanbaatar 210646, Mongolia





Visit website: /english/

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