September 15,1994

Dr.Hyeon Kim 

Seoul Systems Co., Ltd.

SSC Building 4

213-5 Nonhyon-dong, 1


Seoul 135, Korea

Dear Dr. Kim:

It has been fully twenty-one months since we met in Seoul at the offices of the Seoul Systems Company. At that time I was deeply moved, truly, by the warmth of the welcome Chairman Lee and you extended to Professor Song and myself. And we both were immensely gratified to receive your generous offer to undertake the arduous task of making the data files of our Munkwa Project ready for scholarly analysis and publication. Reflecting back on that moment, then, there is no way I can explain, even to myself, why and how it happened that it has taken so long for me to take the first essential step toward achieving the goals for the Munkwa Project we discussed on that occasion. That "first essential step,” of course, required me to prepare and send to you the full range of computer data necessary for you to re-create the Munkwa Project within the appropriate operating mode available to you at Seoul Systems. And, now at last, I can report to you that I am able to begin to honor this commitment.

전체 파일 : 


1994년 하버드대학교 와그너 교수님이 조선 문과방목의 전산화을 위하여 당시 서울시스템에 있던 김현 교수님에게 보낸 메일입니다. 당시의 문과방목의 전산화 과정과 그 과정에서 도출된 문제점 및 해결에 대한 실마리들이 메일에 쓰여져 있습니다. 한국의 디지털인문학 역사를 쓴다면 반드시 등장하게 될 중요 사료가 될 것으로 보입니다.

자료를 제공해주신 김현 교수님께 감사의 인사를 드립니다. 


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